Sometimes we neglect things surrounding us in everyday life. But just think about it: as decades and centuries go by, the things that spend every day lying on your desk may become true historical artifacts. In fact, today some of us manage to come across things that have witnessed a distant past. We’ve made for you a compilation of such things.

1. My great grandfather’s British Army issue pocket watch along with the German bullet that it stopped in France 1914


2. My Grandma has a full miniature bible that is still perfectly readable


3. I found my great great grandfathers WW1 medals the other day


4. My father’s collection of concert tickets


5. This unopened Kodachrome 64 found at work. Best before 05/2002


6. Found a bible in an antique store. When opened, it flipped to antique pressed 4 leaf clovers


7. I found these stacked in a secret drawer left in my 1885 house


8. The house I grew up in was being torn down so I went up into the attic and found this violin between the rafters


Label reads: Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat anno 1765. The number 65 appears to be hand written.

One of the comments noticed that by the year of 1765 Stradivari himself was long dead, so the violin appears to be a replica. Other comments claim that his name was frequently used by many other masters – not to produce a fake, but because they were copying his style.

9. My Grandmother lived through WWII in her teenage years, and she found one of her issues of Life Magazine from 1941


10. My dad was doing some construction work and found this behind a wall he destroyed. (Latvia)


11. I found my old Lego guillotine while cleaning out my room


Complete with basket of severed heads.

12. My great grandmothers sketches of her teachers. 1924


13. My friend and her sister have exchanged the same birthday card for 32 years


14. Telegram Abbreviations found in my Great Grandpa’s Notebook

15. My parents have a picture of the twin towers two days before 9/11