20 Popular Women Whose Faces Were Rated As The Most Beautiful In 2020

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Every year TC Candler publishes lists of the best celebrities during the past 365 days. Now they made top-100 women’s faces which are considered to be the most beautiful in 2020. The creators of the rating admit that someone may disagree with some of the choices, therefore propose to see it as a source of inspiration and a place where you can find new faces for yourself.

Here are the 20 women from the top spot of the list with the most beautiful faces.

20th place: Oktyabrina Maximova


Model from Russia. 25 years old.

19th place: Banita Sandhu


Actress and model of Indian origin. 23 years old.

18th place: Kang Seul-gi


Dancer and singer from South Korea, a member of Red Velvet band. 26 years old.

17th place: Anna Van Patten


Actress from the USA. 22 years old.

16th place: Lauren Tsai


Illustrator, model and actress of Chinese origin from the USA. 22 years old.

15th place: Ella Balinska


Actress from Great Britain. 24 years old.

14th place: Liza Soberano


Philippine-American actress and model. 23 years old.

13th place: Naomi Scott


Actress and model from Great Britain. 27 years old.

12th place: Yoo Shi Ah


South-Korean singer, a member of Oh My Girl band. 25 years old.

11th place: Ivana Alawi


Philippine-Moroccan actress and model. 24 years old.

10th place: Nancy


Singer of Korean-American origin, a member of Momoland band. 20 years old.

9th place: Josie Lane


Model from Great Britain. 19 years old.

8th place: Im Jin Ah


South-Korean singer, actress and model. 29 years old.

7th place: Halima Aden


American model of Somali origin. 23 years old.

6th place: Thylane Blondeau


Model from France. 19 years old.

5th place: Emilie Nereng


Blogger from Norway. 25 years old.

4th place: Chou Tzu Yu


Singer from Taiwan. 21 years old.

3rd place: Meika Woollard


Model from Australia. 16 years old.

2nd place: Lalisa Manoban


Singer and dancer, a member of BLACKPINK band from Thailand. 23 years old.

1st place: Yael Shelbia


Model from Israel. 19 years old.

The other beauties from all over the world of the list you can find here.

20 Popular Women Whose Faces Were Rated As The Most Beautiful In 2020