To people, pets have become more than just animals. They are true family members! That’s why family photos can’t get along without them. However, to get a four-legged friend to pose for it is not that easy.

Internet users started a challenge #FamilyPortraitChallenge in which they share their photos with dogs. We rounded up the funniest and cutest of them for you. Enjoy!

1. Yes, you can use this picture for memes

Anjacember Rowe

2. He’s always this dramatic

Taylor Ray Jurgens

3. Dobby

Amanda Ralston

4. Cool pup!

Hannah Rae Dieleman

5. Charming smile

Anna Wemple

6. Funny bunnies

Tish Elisabeth Hudgens

7. When the humans not only start looking like their pets, but the pets start looking like their humans

Danielle Marie

8. Is that Fluffy from Harry Potter?

Daphne Valentine

9. This is love

Justin Gardner

10. Family quarrel

Vicky Steadman

11. Perfect posing

Daisy J Stone

12. Buckeye was clearly thrilled about mom and dad’s engagement

Rachael Di

13. Henry is the best fur brother to his new sister

Katy Lubbe

14. Lemme get a bite!

Alyssa Zauderer

15. Tenderness

Sarah Dawn

Here is another challenge with dogs where pets showed their hiding skills.