Probably every pet owner knows what it feels like when their cat or dog vanishes, so it’s almost impossible to find it. While owners are worried about it trying to understand what happened to their pets, those balls of fluff are watching them from nooks. Internet users have started the flashmob #HiddenDogChallenge (the challenge with dogs that hide) and shown how funny at times dogs do that.

1. Master of disguise

Christina Anderson

2. Cookie is in both photos, but you can only see her in the 2nd

Katherine Cone

3. Among the toys

Kappy Nichols

The baby fell asleep on the unicorn’s legs.

4. Bet you won’t find a dog in the photo

Andi M. Johnson

5. New hairstyle

Whitney McAtee

6. I’m a little plush doggie

Mel Ody

7. A little harder

Kiersten Rodriguez

If you still haven’t found anything, look at the wall on the left behind the tree, there’s a golden retriever waiting for you!

8. Peep out

Ashley McAlpin

9. What a beautiful carpet!

Carolynn Leblanc

10. Best hide-and-seek player

Melanie Loyley

11. The best place to sleep

Megan Hinton

12. Where’s the dog?

Giulia Bellino

13. Surprise!

Natashia Saurey

14. Can you find a dog in here?

Destiny Wright

15. How many dogs are in the photo?

Vanessa Ryan

That’s how many!

Vanessa Ryan

16. In the shade of the branches

Erin Binx