One day all the biggest celebrities had the first professional photo sessions. As for the actors and actresses, it is the very moment when they can maintain their growing popularity with the help of a good shot.

These photographs have some interesting things. Firstly, people we know are really young or even are children in the photos. Secondly, there is no feeling of “star” on their faces, or, by contrast, some of them already were very self-confident. Thirdly, the atmosphere of the pictures brings up pleasant nostalgia.

Let’s take a look at how present-day celebrities looked like during their first photo sessions.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio in 1990

Theo Westenberger

The photo session was made to accompany the release of Parenthood (1990) with the participation of the young actor.

2. Keanu Reeves in 1987


3. Angelina Jolie in 1989

Harry Langdon

4. Nicole Kidman in 1982

Lewis Morley

The photo session was made to accompany the actress’s on-screen debut in Bush Christmas (1983).

5. Tom Cruise in the 1980s

Michael Ochs Archives

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1967

Hulton Archive

In this photo Arnie is 20!

7. John Travolta in the early 1970s

Michael Ochs Archives

8. Winona Ryder in 1986

Aaron Rapoport

9. Jack Nicholson in 1958

Herbert Dorfman

The photo session was made to accompany the actor’s on-screen debut in The Cry Baby Killer (1958).

10. Uma Thurman in 1985

Andrea Blanch

11. Brad Pitt in 1988

Michael Putland

12. Johnny Depp in 1987

Deborah Feingold

13. Penelope Cruz in 1990

 Mimmo Cattarinich

14. Jennifer Aniston in 1990

Alice S. Hall

15. Monica Bellucci in 1977

Lino Sgaravizzi

The photo session was made to accompany the release of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off series (1990-1991).