Some people prefer to have exotic animals as pets, instead of dogs and cats. That’s one of the reasons why we see so many pictures of adorable hedgehogs on the Internet. Not long ago, there was a video with a hedgehog sleeping on Twitter. The animal was peacefully napping, and you could easily see his little bum when a person slightly touched it, making the animal roll into a ball. Other people reacted immediately by posting pictures of their animal’s cute little bums.

Twitter user showed how hedgehogs sleep

butt poke from aww

Other hedgehog owners shared their pictures


Turns out, hedgehogs have cute little bums


And a small tail

Hedgehogs are active during the night and sleep during the day

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Hedgehogs need to have a wheel for running in their cage


A hedgehog can run up to 12 miles per night


Hedgehogs need a lot of attention and delicate care

 紺屋八兵衛 次は大阪初日

Their cute little pink bums should be preserved at a temperature between 75 and 86


Their food should consist of a lot of protein and have a very small amounts of fat


Only four-toed hedgehogs are legally allowed to be kept as pets. Hedgehog breeders highly recommend future owners to learn all the details about feeding and care before adopting a hedgehog. Because hedgehogs are not just hot a body with a juicy bum, they are delicate and sensitive creatures who deserve to be treated with care and love. If we do treat them with love and care, maybe they’ll let us share a couple of photos or videos with their gorgeous selves online.