French osteologists Sebastion Enault and Camille Auclair from the Kraniata organization share photos of skeletons of different species on their Instagram page. No cruelty, just science. Skulls and skeletons are considered spooky, but what if we tell you that the skeleton of the shark is more terrifying than the shark itself? Because it’s true!

Cleaning and custom articulation of bones seem complicated, but the results are truly amazing. Anatomically correct skeletons are purchased by museums, universities, vets and even private collectors. We, with the help of Sebastian and Camille, can entertain ourselves thinking about how bizarre skeletons of animals we already know are and can also find out about species we had no idea existed.

Mako shark / and its skeleton

Terrifying Mako, that’s the name given to it by our fellow humans. Terrifying skeleton, that’s what it is in the exhibition!

What animal is this skeleton inside of?

It’s a fox.

And this?

It’s a peacock.


This is a bat.

This is pretty obvious, it’s a chameleon skeleton

We are not going to ask you about this one, this is an eastern bearded dragon

Crocodile skeleton looks just like we thought it would

The puff adder. Oof!

Mahi-mahi, or common dolphinfish

The gaboon viper, isn’t she a cutie?

Stillborn common bottlenose dolphin

This is a special specimen of their collection. It was not easy to work on considering that the dolphin had the deformed skull.

Frog / Its skeleton

It’s worth mentioning that studying skeletons of endangered species can help us to find ways of saving them.

Plus a little extra: …Dragon?

Yeah, that’s right. That’s how Sebastian and Camille believe the dragon skeleton would look like.

So, make no bones about it, these guys know what they are doing. While we discovered that osteology is real art that can sometimes help in saving animals. We support that.