We once told you about friendships between animals of different species. It turns out that even a cat and a mouse can be friends and live together peacefully! This time we want you to have a look at yet another example of an unusual pairing of friends: a German shepherd named Nova and Pacco the ferret. Their owner, Diana Grib, was worried that they wouldn’t get along, but there was no need for that! They became such good friends that they don’t leave each other during their walks.

Meet Nova the German shepherd and Pacco the ferret

This sweet couple lives together in the same house

Diana is their owner

It was she who was responsible for connecting two hearts together

They enjoy their walks together

Love bites

Sometimes Pacco takes over Nova’s bed

But more often they peacefully sleep together

This cute couple has an Instagram page

Their owner posts some of the memorable moments of their lives

And some cozy and warm shots like this one

Nova and Pacco prove that having differences in size and species can’t stand in the way of true friendship.