An amazing story happened in Argentina: a girl, named Florencia, and her brother found two crying homeless kittens, a girl and boy, near Santa Rosa de Leales, Tucumán Province. They were brought home. The female was too weak and couldn’t make it, but the other baby animal survived. According to the Clarin newspaper, he was named Tito. And everything was going just fine, except for one thing: the kitten had a small secret.

A girl found a kitten on the streets, but it wasn’t just a regular cat

Tito was thought to be a regular cat until the day he was brought to the vet’s office

The veterinarian said that this was not just a domestic cat, and gave the telephone number for the Animal Rescue Foundation

Turns out, Tito isn’t a domestic cat, he is a wild cat jaguarundi

But just look at this adorable baby animal!

That’s how an adult jaguarundi looks (it is slightly larger than a cat)

Tito needed to be taken care of by professionals

They found that Tito had a leg injury and needed treatment.

Tito will live in the rescue foundation for a while, and then they are planning on releasing him back into the wild

The girl said that she missed Tito very much, and sometimes in the middle of the night she has the sensation that he might jump right on her bed. She hopes to see him again. But, what can we do? A wild animal needs to be in the wild. We wish Tito all the best.