There is a saying ‘to be afraid of one’s shadow’ and sometimes we literally can be scared by our own shadow or a chair or a pile of clothes in a dark room at night. Our brains usually can’t wait to start painting a terrifying picture in front of our eyes that will make our blood run cold. We made a compilation of 20 pictures which are exactly THAT, meaning people were frightened almost to death when in reality there was nothing to be afraid of.

1. Thought she attacked and had blood all over her face, then realized she got into the tomatoes


2. Housemate was drying his fishing waders


3. Well I about had a heart attack taking out the trash this morning


4. Wife left the gloves to dry


5. For Halloween I had an inflatable cat on my roof. Last night it was very windy. This is what greeted me when I opened the door this morning


6. My boyfriend’s niece tried to tell me goodbye from her window and almost gave me a heart attack


7. Just had a heart attack home alone (My wife’s Roman Reigns pillowcase)


8. Almost had a heart attack at work when I went to the bathroom


9. My dog trying to scare me


10. Spiderman PS4 pro scared me when the sun reflected a shadow of a spider


11. Almost had a heart attack doing laundry


12. I just nearly had a heart attack in the bathroom


13. I bought my wife (who’s a professional photographer) a thermos in the shape of a camera lens. It always gives me a mini heart attack when I see it like this


14. I put my son in a Halloween onesie without thinking much about it and gave myself a heart attack at 2 a.m.


15. My garden hose gave me a heart attack


16. We’ve been hiding this hair dressing practice head around the house to scare each other


17. Cat gave me a scare this morning. He got into my spice shelf


18. Dog-sitting for my friend. I got there today and it looked as though someone may have broken in while I was gone so I decided to search the house


Walked into one of the rooms and saw this (his wife is a hairdresser).

19. Almost had a heart attack taking out the garbage


20. Emergency light in the hallway scared the hell out of me earlier