Pets have very different stories of how they became a part of the family. It’s not always adoption or getting them from friends, sometimes owners help animals escape from their tragic fate. A sable, named Umora, was on her way to becoming a fur coat, but she was lucky: she was saved by a young girl, Jenya. Now, the animal is joyfully running around the apartment, stealing everything she sees, and sticking her nose into everything. Her owner tells what it’s like living under one roof with the beast.

Umora is a sable who was supposed to become a fur coat

She was born on a fur farm and lived in the cage with her two sisters

Thankfully, in 2018, Jenya managed to pay money to get  her out of the farm

Since then, the sable has been living in the apartment with her and appearing in the heart-warming photos on Instagram

On Umora’s page, her owner tells what it’s like having such an unusual pet

She says that in the beginning, it was hard

She would bite, run away, avoid contact, and tried to establish her dominance in the apartment

But after one year of persistent training, Umora became much more well-mannered

One of the most popular misconceptions about Umora is that she is the size of a cat

When in reality, she is pretty small, her head would perfectly fit into somebody’s palm, according to her owner

But, this little baby still somehow scares the 88-pound dog

Besides, Umora likes to squirrel away, so no one’s property is safe when this little bandit is on the run

The sable has nervous reactions to sounds and jerky movements

But, of course, having such a unique pet animal has its perks

She is not messy, not to mention her over-the-top cuteness and fluffiness

Umora learns fast and she started recognizing her name very quickly, and also she understands when something is forbidden (but does not always obey)

Jenya believes that sables are amazing animals

But before you run to save the sables, make sure you have enough patience to take care of and live together with these little fluffy balls of energy.