A pet can become his owner’s very best friend. Your tailed companion will always wait for you to come back from work, make you laugh, give you their warmth and gratitude. Sadly, many pets end up abandoned and have to live on the streets. Yet not every story has to end joylessly and some of the animals are lucky enough to meet people who are ready to rescue or adopt them and give them a new home.

1. My friend rescued a kitten stuck in his garage


When I visited, it adopted me as its first cat tree.

2. Broke down and got my first cat! Meet Meeghan


3. This little cutie that was born with a facial birth defect stole my heart the second I saw her adoption post


Please say hi to my new adopted kitten Nala!

4. Picked up my new best friend from the shelter today! Meet Bosewick!


5. We adopted this 11 year old senior, ShayShay, today from a woman who couldn’t keep her anymore


Her first photo matches her personality. We are so happy to have you, beautiful girl.

7. Adopted Bambi tonight and I’m in love


8. My family and I rescued 9 puppies and their mama


9. My sister rescued this little man yesterday


10. I’m back again with a stray that adopted me. Her name is Stoner because she stole my Taco Bell at 3 am


11. Just rescued Trouble off Craigslist! He’s only 6 months old


12. My fiance and I just adopted Jack here


He was the oldest cat at the shelter (~10 years). Today he got his first bath.

13. Big Bertha, one of the 3 ladies I adopted yesterday


14. I adopted this needy cutie yesterday. Meet Ranma!


15. Just adopted


16. Just adopted this fella from a rescue. Meet Akashiyaki!