If a traveler wants to become famous and films about him were made, he should either visit isolated destinations or make an impossibly long trip, or even get in trouble and survive in harsh conditions. For the last point, that is the most frequent, it’s not even necessary to be a traveler (and to survive as well) — a film may still be made.

There are lots of adventure films based on true stories, so we decided to show you how real persons behind the exciting stories looked like in comparison with actors who played them.

1. Cheryl Strayed portrayed by Reese Witherspoon in film and in life

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The story of the writer, Cheryl Strayed, who made a solo trip of 1,100 miles was shown in Wild (2014).

2. Aron Ralston portrayed by James Franco in film and in life

Searchlight Pictures / Aron Ralston

A heroic story of the climber, Aron Ralston, was shown in 127 Hours (2010).

3. Christopher McCandless portrayed by Emile Hirsch in film and in life

The last days of the traveler, Christopher McCandless, were shown in Into the Wild (2007).

4. Yossi Ghinsberg portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe in film and in life

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The story of the Israel traveler, Yossi Ghinsberg, who had to survive in the Amazon jungle during three weeks, was shown in Jungle (2017).

5. Hugh Glass portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in film and in the 1830 picture

20th Century Fox / Doug Williams

The American hunter, Hugh Glass, who survived after having a fight with a bear, is shown in The Revenant (2015).

6. Nando Parrado portrayed by Ethan Hawke in film and in life

Touchstone Pictures / AP

The Uruguayan, Nando Parrado, a survivor of a plane crash, who made crossing of the Andes to reach rescuers, is shown in Alive (1993).

7. Donald Crowhurst portrayed by Colin Firth in film and in life

StudioCanal / Alamy

The American businessman and yachtsman, Donald Crowhurst, gone missing in the Atlantic Ocean in 1969, is shown in The Mercy (2017).

8. Leonard Seppala portrayed by Willem Dafoe in film and in life

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The professional dog sled racer is shown in Togo (2019).

9. Heinrich Harrer portrayed by Brad Pitt in film and in life

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The Australian traveler, Heinrich Harrer, is shown in Seven Years in Tibet (1997).

10. Frank Vallelonga portrayed by Viggo Mortensen in film and in life

Universal Pictures

The American actor and writer, Frank Vallelonga Sr, who was a driver of an American pianist, Don Shirley, in the early 1960s. That period of his life is shown in Green Book (2018).

11. Don Shirley portrayed by Mahershala Ali in film and in life

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The USA tour of the American pianist accompanied by Frank Vallelonga is shown in Green Book (2018).

12. Tami Oldham portrayed by Shailene Woodley in film and in life

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The story of the writer, Tami Oldham, who spent 41 day in the Pacific Ocean after a collision with a hurricane, is shown in Adrift (2018).