Brazilian artist Yan Blanco loves horror movies, and he expresses this love in his artworks. He transforms famous cartoon characters and everyday objects to make them look creepily realistic. Peppa Pig, for example, looks like some worn-out middle-aged woman, and SpongeBob is a dried-out sponge that clearly doesn’t get enough sleep.

The artist pays a lot of attention to detail; he accurately paints every beauty mark or wrinkle on the face. All of his characters could star in horror movies and scare the life out of any kid, or adult too!

1. Bugs Bunny

2. Bananas in Pyjamas

3. Bottle

4. Mister Carrot

5. Fish

6. Carnivorous plant

7. Boxer pig

8. Rick

9. Tin Woodman

10. Pizza

11. Santa Claus

12. Teletubby

13. SpongeBob

14. Brocoloco

15. Peppa Pig