Illustrator from Jakarta Andhika Muksin treated us once again to his hilarious work. Andhika imagined how scenes from Disney cartoons would be in real life. The main characters of his illustrations are princesses who are usually made to look impossibly perfect. Now, the girls have been brought down to earth, and finally, they look like real people.

When you finally catch the man of your dreams

Poor, Unfortunate Angle

Singing through a tiny hole underwater

Morning wake up call by birds

Squished in Wonderland

Good morning

When you enjoy being someone else’s guest a bit too much

When bae wants to show you a whole new world but all you want to do is to take a long nap

No worries Belle, Bae will wake up in 5…4…3…2…

Bad mood

When you finally catch the man of your dreams. Part 2