What will make any man look younger, healthier and more handsome? A head full of thick hair! American hairstylist, Philip Ring can restore any threadbare mane to its former glory. Philip gives his clients a fashionable haircut, and some eye-catching coloring now and then, but his true passion lies with hair replacement systems. His confidence-boosting toupees look so authentic, no one dares to call them rugs!

Hairstylist Philip Ring gives men complete head makeovers

He helps balding men restore their hair and confidence

Phil uses specially crafted hair systems

Attaching Phil’s toupees looks relatively easy

First, part of the head is shaved, and then the hairpiece is glued in place

Phil says that while some clients find shaving to be the hardest part of the procedure, they are completely shocked to see themselves with a head chock full of hair.

Toupees are made of natural hair unless the client wants a salt and pepper look, which is achieved with synthetic hair

Systems require styling and gluing every three to four weeks

Hairpieces that use tape need to be readjusted every week

These toupees don’t affect natural hair growth

New hair can last from 3 to 6 months before it needs replacing

Phil insists that no one can tell if you wear a hairpiece if it is properly maintained

You don’t have to get the system at the first sign of balding

But you might give it a chance

Getting new hair changed the game for these men

Some of them even look a couple years younger now!