The fact that people of all ages know celebrities makes them who they are. We see them so often in movies, in ads, and just on TV that we almost think of them as our family members. We can recognize their faces out of thousands of people. But what happens if we combine the faces of two different celebrities? This French man named Benji answers this question on his Instagram. He takes the face of one famous person, adds the face of another and posts the result of this simple equation on his Instagram page. It’s fascinating for everyone including the celebrities themselves whose pictures are used. His works have been noticed by Sophie Turner, Lily Collins, Jiji Hadid, and many others.

1. Christian Bale and Robert Pattinson

2. Emma Watson and Barbara Palvin

3. Cillian Murphy and Sam Claflin

4. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams

5. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt

6. Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears

7. Idris Elba and Dwayne Johnson

8. Jennifer Connelly and Liv Tyler

9. Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa

10. Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton

11. Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth

12. Audrey Hepburn and Anne Hathaway

13. Keanu Reeves and Tobey Maguire

14. Jude Law and Eddie Redmayne

15. Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey

16. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

17. Irina Shayk and Gal Gadot

18. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Fassbender