Just imagine what responsibility rests upon the shoulders of those who approve a final design of a building in, for instance, London or Paris, that is supposed to stand for hundreds of years. Ambitious construction projects are always a struggle between architects and designers that seek to offer the most impressive version of a future building, in order to go down in history with it.

Today we will look at the works of those who lost a competition, and whose designs remained only on paper or 3D models. In the compilation, there are not only well-known buildings, but also legendary architecture landmarks.

1. The International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong


Opening date: 2010.

2. Lenin’s Mausoleum


Opening date: 1930.

3. Roosevelt Island, New York


4. Tribune Tower, Chicago

Stuart Seeger

Opening date: 1925.

5. Times Square Tower, New York


Opening date: 2004.

6. Sydney Opera House

Boyd159 / budgetdirect
Boyd159 / budgetdirect

Opening date: 1973.

7. Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, Great Britain

bengreenphotography / brunel200

Opening date: 1864.

8. Palace of Westminster, London

RIBA Collections

Opening date: 1860.