Many celebrities are considered to be almost ideals of beauty, but apparently not for everyone – there are accounts in the network, which bring the already cute stars to a completely unreal level. It’s made with the help of photo editors and filters that smooth the skin, enlarge eyes and turn teeth into a dream of any dentist.

The goddess.women account deals with such manipulations, and that’s what celebrity women become after many editions.

Monica Bellucci


Miley Cyrus


Kate Winslet

Twentieth Century Fox, goddess.women

Meghan Markle


Julia Roberts

Steve Granitzgoddess.women

Lily-Rose Depp


Keira Knightley


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Margot Robbie


Kristen Stewart

Vera Andersongoddess.women

Anne Hathaway

Evan Agostinigoddess.women

Emilia Clarke

Steve Schofieldgoddess.women

Gigi Hadid

Robert Kamaugoddess.women

Selena Gomez

Frederick M. Browngoddess.women


Dimitrios Kambourisgoddess.women

Blake Lively

James Devaneygoddess.women


Evan Agostinigoddess.women

But many network users were not delighted with such editions. In comments users try to understand why we need to change the appearance of already beautiful ladies, turning them into unrecognizable and almost identical people.

According to Insider, such images can have a negative impact on people’s self-esteem, making them feel less attractive. Eventually, people may see such edited images online and think that this is what celebrities really look like.

But everyone has different tastes: some people like perfect portraits, while others prefer natural. The main thing is to find what you like.