Zero waste is an excellent way of conservation of our planet. And many people willingly support this trend in order to take care of the Earth just like it takes care of us!

Today we selected 17 examples of zero waste which will show you that this process is not only useful, but very exciting!

I love doing stuff like this it makes me laugh


I dried the dropped leaves from my lime tree and use them as an air freshener, they smell so good!


Roof made from used tires


Natural dyes, roses zero waste


Boil petals with vinegar, let sit, and white turns to beautiful shades.

Nuts and Seeds in Coffee containers. Instant coffee another way to eliminate waste as well (imho)


Cut toothpaste container so you can use all the paste inside


I’m a big fan of jars and boxes. Can’t throw any of them away


It is not about zero waste, it is that I see them very useful, beautiful and valuable.

Patched my fitted sheet with and old pillow case to give it some added life


Zero waste not necessarily excludes the use of plastic and other materials which are hard to recycle. Even such things can last longer if we find a new use for them.

My sister accidentally broke my teapot. I actually like it better now than before


Using my kids‘ drawings as wrapping paper for their friends‘ birthday present


If you have a cat, chopsticks and wine corks are excellent cat toys


Dishwashing sponge from old towel and homegrown luffas


Glorious bulk refill shelf


Such shelves can be found not in many shops. But if you have an opportunity to use them, don’t let it go away! Because, by doing so, you protect our planet and save your money, paying only for contents, but not for a package.

Switched to bar soap, but I didn’t want to buy a soap dish/saver. I made one from upcycling 5 plastic bags!


Plastic Bottle Cat Action Food Dispenser for indoor cat


My collection of paper towel and toilet paper rolls are finally becoming this years seed starter pods


A knit a sweater made entirely of old /scrap yarns I had lying around


We hope this compilation assured you it is not that difficult to contribute in environmental conservation!