Andrew Walker is a famous photographer who works with celebrities both in the studio and at festivals, such as Cannes, Dubai, and Sundance. And at the Toronto Festival he arranged an unusual photo shoot for star actors – Andrew offered his models to make two-part portraits. On one of them, celebrities pose as public figures, and on the second – as they want. The result was awesome, and the fact that the photo does not indicate which side of the actor is depicted, makes this project even cooler!

1. Anne Hathaway

2. Rami Malek

3. Elisabeth Moss

4. Aaron Eckhart

5. Amy Adams

6. Ruth Negga

7. Cynthia Nixon

8. Richard Gere

9. Oscar Isaac

10. Bill Nighy

11. John Legend

12. Dakota Fanning

13. Miles Teller

14. Jennifer Connelly

15. Gerard Butler

16. Rosemarie DeWitt

17. Pharrell Williams

18. Taraji P. Henson

19. Lily-Rose Depp

20. Rachel Weisz

21. Jeremy Renner

22. Taron Egerton

23. Felicity Jones

24. Liev Schreiber

25. Lupita Nyong’o

26. Mahershala Ali

27. Ewan McGregor

28. Jason Sudeikis

29. Naomi Watts

30. Sigourney Weaver