We can hardly imagine what people from the past looked like. There are not enough high-resolution images, and when it comes to people who lived before the invention of photography, we can only judge by paintings and sculptures. We have to admit though: it was much easier to conceal your flaws in the pre-Photoshop era – why would a painter show every line and zit of their client and make them look less appealing? Well, Korean artist Joong Won Jeong doesn’t care. He uses old paintings, busts, and photos to create hyper-realistic portraits and show what these people would look like with all their imperfections.

Korean artist creates hyper-realistic images

Venus de Milo



Giuliano Medici

Costanza Bonarelli

Adam from Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam

God from Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam

Van Gogh

He also recreates photos

This is the painter’s grandfather

Yi Sang

Sigmund Freud

Working on Michelangelo

You can see the size of his works here