Diversity in life never hurt anyone, especially actors. Not to get stuck in the same typecasting for the whole life, they take roles which really contrast to their previous ones. Some of role changes turn to be unexpected that it is hard to believe the two characters were played by the same actor. We rounded up the combinations of completely different roles taken by a single person.

1. Daniel Radcliffe

Warner Bros. / Tadmor

A wizard-boy from Harry Potter film series and a corpse in Swiss Army Man.

2. Matthew McConaughey

Warner Bros. / Legendary Pictures

A stripper from Magic Mike and a space explorer in Interstellar.

3. Gary Oldman

Warner Bros. / Gaumont

Charming Harry Potter’s godfather and a villain in The Fifth Element.

4. Cate Blanchett

New Line Cinema / The Weinstein Company

Elven Queen in The Lord of the Rings and a singer Bob Dylan in I’m Not There.

5. Tom Cruise

Paramount Pictures / Offspring Entertainment

A special agent from Mission: Impossible and a rock musician in Rock of Ages.

6. Heath Ledger

Columbia Pictures / Legendary Pictures

Charming squire in A Knight’s Tale and Joker in The Dark Knight.

7. Charlize Theron

Universal Pictures / Newmarket Films

Evil queen in Snow White & the Huntsman and a serial killer in the film Monster.

8. Margot Robbie

Paramount Pictures / Working Title Films

A model and the main character’s wife from The Wolf of Wall Street and Queen Elizabeth I in Mary Queen of Scots.

9. Jim Carrey

Warner Bros. Pictures / I Love You Julian!

A comic character from Ace Ventura and sad television personality in Kidding series.

10. Elijah Wood

New Line Cinema / Dimension Films

Pretty hobbit from The Lord of the Rings and a homicidal maniac from Sin City.

11. Helena Bonham Carter

Warner Bros. / Left Bank Pictures

A villain from Harry Potter and queen’s sister in The Crown series.

12. Emily Blunt

Village Roadshow Pictures / Walt Disney Pictures

Angel of Verdun in Edge of Tomorrow and the famous nanny from Mary Poppins Returns.

13. David Duchovny

Showtime Networks / Showtime Networks

A writer and ladies’ man from Californication series and ATF trans-agent in Twin Peaks.

14. Maggie Smith

ITV Studios / BBC Films

An uptight lady from Downton Abbey series and an eccentric old lady in The Lady in the Van.

15. Leonardo DiCaprio

Paramount Pictures / The Weinstein Company

Romantic main character of Titanic and a little bit crazy slaveholder from Django Unchained.

16. Emma Watson

Warner Bros. / American Zoetrope

Right Hermione from Harry Potter and a member of a teenage gang in The Bling Ring.

17. Tom Hardy

Universal Studios / Warner Bros.

In the film Legend, the actor played two roles at once — the twins-gangsters. In Mad Max: Fury Road he is a lone wanderer.