To protect his wife-to-be from unwanted looks and compliments from other men, this guy from Australia came up with a clever lifehack. But, honestly, it’s unlikely that she will get any less attention at all – it’s probably going to be the other way around. Pedro Vitola from Australia ordered a customized swimsuit for her as a gift. Patty is crazy about her bikinis, and she is always looking for a new one to buy. She looks stunning in bikinis, so to protect her from flirting man, Pedro designed the swimsuit himself. But, as it turns out, the way it looks draws not only the attention of men, but everyone!

Pedro Vitola from Australia wanted to show everyone on the beach that Patty is his girlfriend

So he ordered her a customized swimsuit that would let everyone know that his girlfriend is taken

Pedro wanted to make it a surprise for Patty, so she was blindfolded as he didn’t want to ruin the surprise

She didn’t know what it was because she was putting it on with her eyes closed

But, when she opened her eyes, she saw that her boyfriend was planning to be with her forever

Patty’s first reaction was the word “disgusting”, to which Pedro replied, “Hey, that’s my face!”

…and always cover her back!

Pedro believes that nobody would want to flirt with her because of the swimsuit

It’s hard to put all of the girl’s emotions into words

Yes, maybe nobody’s going to flirt with her after seeing the outfit, but all eyes are surely going to be on her!