Nature is full of surprises, and sometimes it loves to mix things up. A German shepherd named Ranger is two years old, but he still looks like a puppy. The dog’s size is the same as when he was born. When he was still a puppy he caught an infection that affected his body’s ability to produce growth hormones. Ranger has fully recovered but retained his puppy-like appearance.

Meet Ranger

He has turned 2, but still hasn’t grown in size

The dog had an infection very early in life that stopped his growth

He somehow contracted a parasite named Giardia that caused an infection in the frontal lobe. His owners got rid of the parasites, but pituitary dwarfism persisted as a side effect.

Now he is in good health and completely happy

Ranger will look like a small puppy for the rest of his life

But it won’t create any obstacles for him

His owners love him, no matter what shape and size he is

Ranger is loved not just by his owners, he also has a large supportive following on Instagram

Isn’t he just adorable!?