Looking at Ellie Mae, the Shih Tzu lying on the vet’s table, it’s hard to even recognize that it’s a dog. Ellie’s owner had died and nobody knew that she had a dog. Workers who were sent to clean up the house found Ellie and brought her to the local humane society in a tote-bag. The dog couldn’t even walk! But thanks to the hard effort from vets, Ellie not only became able to walk but also got a great make-over!

Vets were shocked to see Ellie. It was the worst case in their careers

There we so much hair that vets were seriously worried about the dog’s health

The last time they had a patient like that, it had serious problems with its legs

But Ellie was lucky, her nails were only 7 inch long

It took the whole hour for three people to cut the excess hair

It turned out that Ellie, who weighed 11 pounds, had been carrying a 9 pounds coat!

But just a haircut wasn’t enough to save Ellie Mae

Vets cured an infection, took care of her teeth, performed hernia surgery, uncovered Ellie’s arthritis and found that she had weak muscles.

Аs soon as 5 hours after the haircut, she could stand up on her paws!

Two weeks later, Ellie Mae is looking better than ever

She loves to explore the world around her and she brings so much joy to everyone who sees her cute little face and her heart-warming manners. Ellie can finally move, and she enjoys being able to walk around, sniff things and explore.

So obviously, there will be lines around the block of people wanting to adopt her. Or maybe someone already did!