A married couple from the US sold their big house, car and family business to build a house on wheels and travel around the country. They’d seen examples of other people who’d renovated old buses and were inspired by the idea. Tawny and Mike McVay then purchased an old school bus and turned it into a cozy loft. According to a Daily Mail, they spent almost all of their savings, but the result was worth it.

Tawny and Mike sold everything they had to buy an old school bus

They used to live in a three-story house, run a family business, and have a nice car. But they didn’t feel happy.

They spent $5,000 on the bus

And the renovation cost 3 times as much

The couple and their relatives started renovating the bus

They built a cozy loft with all the amenities they would need

And began traveling across the country

They have even arranged a tiny bathroom space with a shower

Their house on wheels had enough space for a large bed

And a bunk bed for the kids

Their Great Dane, named Apollo, can always find a cozy spot to rest

They heat the house with a small wood-burning stove

There is a full-sized kitchen

Little things make the place cozier

The couple moved into their new house in spring, 2018

Since then, they have traveled about 5,000 miles in their bus

Life on the road has made the couple very happy

Not long ago, they started putting up decorations for Christmas

Tawny and Mike risked all of their possessions to find happiness… and have found it!