Pet animals vary in size, color and shape. Almost any animal can be a pet, even a huge pig. That’s the case for the Graham family from Malvern, Worcestershire. But having a 390lb pig wasn’t really part of their plan. It’s just that the micro pig that Nigel, the head of the Graham family, bought as a present for his wife has turned into a beast. The pet pig, named Grace, has grown to a much bigger size than expected, but the family still loves her, no matter what.

Nigel Graham bought a micro pig as a gift for his wife

Nigel Graham bought a micro pig as a gift for his wife, Sam. The family couldn’t keep cats or dogs at home because Sam had an allergy, so they have decided on having a micro pig. When Nigel went to a farm, he was introduced to Grace’s parents. They were as high as his knees, and he was told that these pigs don’t grow to more than 68lb.

But over time the pig has grown bigger and bigger

Obviously, the pig didn’t inherit its parents’ small size, since over five years the tiny pig has turned into a 390lb giant.

Nigel doesn’t blame the people who sold him a pig in a poke

Nigel believes that it could have grown so much because of the amounts of food it was given. The pig eats about 20lb of food every week, not including the treats, because Grace has got used to the fact that her owners love to treat her.

Grace feels like a queen at Graham’s house

The pig refused to dwell in a sty, and now she has her own bed with an orthopedic mattress. Her owners let her sit on the sofa and watch TV with them.

Grace is very well behaved and doesn’t ever make a pig of herself

Nigel says that she knows how to use the toilet and has good hygiene. There is a special door in the house leading to the backyard, and she can go in and out of the house whenever she wants.

Her owners weren’t that upset that their mini pig turned out to be maxi

Nigel says that Grace is part of their family:

She’s not like a pig. She’s no different from a dog or a cat. In fact, she is cleaner than one of my daughters and shows me more love.

Grace inspired her owners to make a slight change in their diet

As Nigel told the DailyMail, bacon and pork are now forbidden in their household because that would be extremely insulting to their pet. She is loved in this family, and her size doesn’t matter!