24-year-old Kristen Dupree was about to get married. During her first look photoshoot (when a couple sees each other for the first time on the wedding day), she brought along her beloved Labrador Retriever, Zeke, to join the ceremony.

That’s when their wedding photoshoot went from being ordinary to one of a kind!

Kristen Dupree couldn’t have her ceremony without her dog, Zeke

Zeke and Kristen looked perfect together in the shot because of the contrast created by their outfits

Of course, the over-affectionate dog could turn everything into a complete fiasco

But he was well-behaved and everything went smoothly

Let’s not forget about the photographer, Perry Farlow, who took the pictures. He did amazing and really captured the warmth and tenderness between the girl and her dog.

It’s not often that a couple allows dogs at their wedding; usually, they are allowed to only attend the pre-wedding events.

Everyone was content: the bride, the photographer, and Zeke

And all the guests…

All of the guests thoroughly enjoyed seeing Zeke

Did she even need a groom?