Some pet animals really live up to their names, a huge Pitbull named Hulk is one of them. He is 6 now, and he has already gained 178lbs and is now considered to be one of the largest Pitbulls in the world. Despite his intimidating size, his owners, Marlon and Lisa say that he is a sweetheart. It may be so, but we aren’t really dying to check it in person because that boy is no toy!

Meet Hulk

He is one of the largest Pitbulls in the world

On September 7 he turned 6

His king-size goes very well with his name

This giant weighs 178lbs

And compared to other dogs he looks like a literal Hulk

Even his owners look tiny standing next to him

Despite his terrifying look, he is sweet on the inside

Hulk’s owners are dog breeders and train dogs

So, Hulk is quite a well-bred boy

His owners even allow him to play with their kid

Hulk is the head of the big family, and you can see him from far away

Hulk has children and grandchildren, but they are of much smaller size than him

A big dog needs big treats!

So, don’t be afraid of Hulk, he is very sweet!