We have found the best teacher of 2019! It’s 43-year-old Veronica from Valladolid, Spain. Her students will not be forgetting her lesson soon. She conducted her anatomy lesson while wearing a bodysuit that maps the disposition of internal organs of the human body because she wanted to show the students where each organ was located.

Her creativity and dedication were noticed by people on the Internet and Veronica became famous!

Anatomy teacher Veronica went viral on social media


Her husband, Mike Moratinos, posted a short video of her conducting the lesson in a bodysuit. The post got more than 65 thousand likes.

Such a detailed presentation is probably much more effective than a typical lesson

These happy third-graders witnessed their teacher’s incredible performance.

Veronica instructs the class in science, arts, as well as English and Spanish

She has been teaching for 15 years.

It wasn’t the only time Veronica proved to be a volcano of creativity.

For instance, she uses small cardboard crowns to help kids learn the different parts of speech, as if they are all from different grammar kingdoms.

“I’d like society to stop labeling teachers as lazy bureaucratic public servants. We’re certainly not.”

We wonder if she will be wearing the bodysuit during the anatomy test she administers for her students.

In the post comments, people were expressing their respect and making jokes


Have your teachers ever done anything like this? Share your best memories with us below!