A puppy named Piglet stood out from the litter, not only because of his pink color but also because he was blind and deaf. But these obstacles turned out to be too small to prevent this puppy from having a full life. The puppy found his home, and his family loves him wholeheartedly. What’s more, Piglet not only loves to communicate with people and dogs, he inspires schoolchildren and helps other animals with special needs. All of these seeming flaws became advantages in this cute puppy’s life!

Piglet’s parents were a dachshund and chihuahua, and they both had spotted coats

Sadly, both of his parents were also carrying gene mutations that caused deafness and blindness.

Piglet’s coat turned out to be a very unusual shade of pink

His first owners couldn’t provide good conditions for the puppy, so he was saved by an animal rescue group

Piglet moved from Georgia to Connecticut in March 2017

At the time, he weighed only about one and a half pounds

Temporary caregivers were planning to find a home for him, but instead, they fell in love with the puppy and decided to adopt him themselves.

It took a while for Piglet to adapt to his new environment, but with time he became a star of the neighborhood

Today, Piglet likes cuddling with his owners and playing with other dogs

He also assists his vet-mom with her housecalls and goes along with her to the bank and pet stores. Wherever Piglet wags his little tail, people are always happy to see him.

But nowadays Piglet isn’t just roaming around the neighborhood

He has become a hero to the schoolchildren in one of the Plainville, Massachusetts schools. The kids there heard Piglet’s story, and how his positive attitude helped him overcome obstacles in his little dog’s life. At the school, Piglet is now held up as an example for teaching about the importance of empathy, understanding others, and showing tolerance for differences.

Besides all that, Piglet helps other dogs too

Money from the sales of clothing inspired by him and his story are donated to charity.

Piglet and his owners attend many events, presentations, and conferences

Piglet is a famous figure in the world of dogs. He even has his own mission!

Encourage spay and neuter of dogs and cats.

Educate about the severe consequences of double dapple/merle breeding.

Inspire and motivate others to adopt special needs pets.

Facilitate Piglet Mindset outreach to teachers and students. 

Fundraise for special needs dog rescues and other nonprofit organizations.

Put a smile on faces all around the world. 


And Piglet’s story is a great example for anyone, reminding us that we should never give up, even if we were born into the body of a deaf, blind pink dog!