Giancarlo is an architect and photographer from Peru who moved to the US. In his free time, he takes pictures of his beloved sphynx cat named Pinky. He photoshops pictures of his cat into movie posters making them hella more fun. Seeing his work helps you imagine how human movies would look in the cat universe. Pinky perfectly performs every role handed to him by his owner. And it turns out amazing!

1. Taxi Driver

2. Paws

3. House of Cats

4. Catsper

5. The Lord of The Mice

6. The Silence of The Cats

7. Sphynx Beauty

8. Stranger Sphynx

9. Foster Gato

10. 09 Lives Later

11. Mad Cat: Fury Roar

12. The Big Fags Theory

13. The Meow

14. The Hiding

15. The 40 Year-Old Kitten

16. Meow

17. Nip

18. Cats in Black

19. Gone With The Cat

 20. Breaking Cat