Dogs gift a lot of positive emotions to their owners, but it becomes so nice and quiet when they’re sleeping. Though even in their sleep pets manage to make people laugh, because it’s just enough to see their funny skewed faces and weird poses. There is a new flash mob on the Internet: #sleepingdogchallenge, in which dog owners demonstrate how their pets sleep.

1. Bruno, first day home

James Zhou

2. Owner’s head is the best pillow

Kathy Penko

3. Lounging on a sofa

Emily Grace Pratt

4. Ball coaster

Hedwig Kos-Verhagen

5. Don’t forget to take the essentials

Denise Halstead

6. We don’t need easy ways!

Jacinta Jenkins

7. Gymnastic dream

Jessica Beadling

8. That sleeping face

Liam Emond

9. Tired to eat

Becky Murdoff Sherfey

10. Won’t leave the favorite toy

Krystal Padden

11. Shelf is much comfortable

Kimmy Kaminski

12. How can you sleep without a mask?


13. Long dog

Jennifer Bernard

14. The elegance itself

Sara Thacker

15. You look so cute when sleeping

Andi Anderson

16. It’s really comfortable

Sara Dillard