Why do brides cry at weddings? Do you think these are the tears of happiness? Well, maybe, but it probably also has something to do with the fact that afterwards such a gorgeous and expensive dress will be put away and forever live in a closet. Newlywed Dawn Winfield-Hunt wasn’t happy about this future for her ivory gown, so she found a way that she can still make use of it. She started wearing the dress every weekend, no matter what she was doing. In this extraordinary look, she has sailed a boat and danced at a music festival, as well as vacuumed a room and walked to the grocery store.

She got married one month ago, but she is still wearing her wedding dress

Every weekend, Dawn Winfield-Hunt swaps her everyday clothes for her ivory gown.

The dress was so beautiful I didn’t want to box it up like I did when I first got married many years ago.

Dawn Winfield-Hunt

Dawn wears her gown every weekend, and she is going to continue doing it for a long time

I intend on wearing my dress every weekend until my first wedding anniversary and then I will put it away.

Dawn Winfield-Hunt

She came up with the idea of not hiding her dress in a closet right after her wedding

I never intended on wearing my dress this many times, but after our wedding I wore it to a barbeque with friends. They all absolutely loved it and I then decided it would be a good idea to keep wearing it as it not only makes Steve and I happy but other people too.

Dawn Winfield-Hunt

In just one month, she has already been to a railroad museum

Tried sailing

had a great time at a music festival

gave stand-up paddle boarding a go

..and even got paint all over her dress at the festival of colors

I didn’t think twice when doing the colour run, I wanted my dress to have as many colours as possible.

Dawn Winfield-Hunt

Wearing this look, she has been doing the shopping and other everyday stuff

Dawn says that people always react positively to her look

When I was at Buckingham Palace, a random man asked to take a photo with me and of course I agreed as it isn’t every day, they see someone in their wedding dress outside the Queen’s palace.

Dawn Winfield-Hunt

Her husband doesn’t mind her decision either

As she has said in an interview with the DailyMail, her husband would be extremely surprised if she just wore a regular pair of jeans with a t-shirt.

Dawn planning to rock this outfit in the streets for a whole year

Dawn is going to put the gown away on their first anniversary.

I have started organising a charity ball next year and that will be the bucket list finale and then I will finally box it up with hundreds of memories.

Dawn Winfield-Hunt

So if you have a wedding gown that has been left to collect dust in the closet, try to give it another look. Maybe it deserves to have a second life!