Seven-year-old Camron Andrews from Great Britain had a very stressful week. His beloved Boston terrier, Ralph was stolen, and the boy was in tears. The family contacted the police right away. But Camron wasn’t satisfied that this was enough, so he went into action to help his buddy come home.

On October 9th, a Boston terrier named Ralph was kidnapped in Bredbury

Craig Andrews took his son’s dog for a ride in the work van. He left the vehicle unattended for a couple of minutes. When he returned, Ralph was gone, and a suspicions white car was seen speeding away.

The owners called the police and offered a reward for the dog’s safe return

Still, Camron couldn’t just sit back and wait. He spent hours drawing the ‘wanted’ posters

The boy was heartbroken and begged to get his friend back

Camron’s Mom, Stacey posted his drawing on Facebook, and Good Samaritans replied with offers of assistance

The search went viral, with other kids chiming in to support Camron

Social media users shared the #BringRalphHome posters

One kid drew a portrait of the missing dog

Another one made a comic

Even the cat couldn’t sit this one out

And it worked!

After a couple of days, Ralph was found in a nearby town

On October 14th Camron’s parents got the call they had been waiting for. Ralph was found, starving and visibly shaken, but he immediately recognized his best pal, Camron. The boy and his dog were over the moon. The family thought that the kidnapper may have seen all the posters online and let the dog go. The Andrews family is grateful to everyone who helped them reunite with their beloved pet. There are still good people in this world!