Beauty standards have long become a common thing in modern life. A lot of girls are having a hard time trying to reach the unachievable ideal instead of accepting their appearance as it is. However, if you don’t look like a model on a professional photo session, it doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.

Mik Zazon, a blogger and activist, has started a whole movement under the hashtag #NormalizeNormalBodies within the fight against eating disorders and associated psychological problems. The girl published a photo of herself in a bikini on her Instagram, challenging forced beauty standards. The hashtag immediately went viral on the Internet, uniting a lot of girls with their photos who decided to join Mik Zazon’s movement.

This picture of Mik started the whole movement


I know that my body is alright


Mik’s movement is directed towards accepting one’s own body regardless of race, weight, physiological features and gender identity.

A reminder not to punish your body for enjoying food after a holiday


Not everything you see on Instagram is what it seems


Stretch marks are normal


Love is wonderful – especially self-love


The movement encourages girls and women not to be ashamed of their own bodies and to resist digital illusions that won’t let people accept themselves as they are.

This body has housed 7 babies and that’s why it’s beautiful


Learning to accept and love my body


Love your body until it’s as normal as brushing your teeth


My scars from my last surgery that’s going to really help improve my quality of life


Accepting your own appearance allows you improve your self-esteem and achieve harmony between your body and soul.

The most important and intimate relationship we will ever have is with ourselves


Self love is the best love


Sometimes it’s not easy to love yourself, but you will get there


We can respect our reflection without loving it


“NormalizeNormalBodies” movement is as personal as it is uniting. After all, everyone has their own concept of being normal, but at the same time, looking at pictures under the #NormalizeNormalBodies hashtag helps us feel solidarity and that we’re not alone.

I feel myself beautiful on both of these pictures


Feel comfortable in your own body


The marks that make me magical


You can find a lot more photos using the hashtag #normalizenormalbodies.