When you are a child, the world just seems so much more real. The grass is greener, and the sky is deeper. Do you remember how even your toys seemed to be alive? They were just pieces of fabric, sewn and stuffed with batting, but we treated them like our friends. How painful it was to lose one! Most of us have at some point in childhood, shed tears over a teddy bear or bunny, lost somewhere in the past. These may have even been our first experiences of losing someone or something we loved. And you may still remember your beloved childhood toys, up to this very day. If so, this story from Susan Wise Bauer will definitely touch your soul.

This is Susan Wise Bauer, she is a writer

The story she shared is very moving


This is how Susan daughter’s lost toy looked like when they found it

And all they needed to make it look like new again was just a bath

It’s unbelievable

Plurna hasn’t changed at all, unlike her owners

And it looks like the girl is going to love her just like she used to

Look, they are already cooking dinner together

The story went viral

Twitter users were shocked by the toy’s excellent condition after all these years

The story reminded some people of other well-known stories

Some people shared their own stories that were just as heart-warming

And don’t hold back your cuteness overload tears, there is nothing to be ashamed of!