Unicorns do exist! Well, at least this one does. And it’s a… dog, a cute little puppy named Narwhal. On November 9th, the dog rescue team Mac the Pitbull from Wisconsin, US announced on their page that they discovered a very special creature. It was a puppy with a tail growing from his forehead! Pretty unbelievable, right? The pup was wandering around with an older dog. But, eventually, he got to the place where people were ready to help him.

Dog rescue discovered a puppy with a tail growing from his forehead

The puppy was named Narwhal

The vet assured that the tail growing from an unusual place won’t be a danger or create any problems for the dog

There were no indications for removal surgery

The puppy was healthy, with the only exception of having worms which is very common for a stray dog and can be treated with medications. His tail is not attached to anything, it has no functions and does nothing. Someone in the comments joked about the dog being assembled wrong.

Right now, the dog can’t be adopted

Rescue team wants him to grow up a little so that they can see if the tail really won’t be a problem

The pup is very playful and active, just look at how he likes to play

Guess what Magical Unicorn Narwhal Puppy has a vet appointment for xrays today? Well since we only know of one magical unicorn narwhal puppy we maybe gave too much for this to be a tricky question… BOL!!! We think he appreciates not being outside in this terrible freezing snow mess. Love,MacKeeperOfUnicorns

Опубликовано Mac the pitbull Вторник, 12 ноября 2019 г.

Narwhal doesn’t really understand that he is a special dog that has drawn the attention of people from all over the world

Just another video of our narwhal the magical fuzzy unicorn puppy because we think he is amazing. (We are not accepting applications for him right now until we are very certain his unicorn horn is not going to have a growth spurt and become an issue) (no it does not wag) (yes he is keeping it) (yes he is amazingly awesome!!) Love,MacKeeperOfTheUnicorns

Опубликовано Mac the pitbull Среда, 13 ноября 2019 г.

Nature is full of surprises!

We hope that Narwhal will be alright and his cute ‘unicorn’s horn’ won’t create any problems. And he will be able to find his loving home, he’s already got his stardom with him.