Nowadays almost everyone has a page on Instagram or other social media with bunches of their photos, but there were times when only the rich could afford to brag with their portraits in front of others. Today, thanks to the extant paintings, we can get the idea what historical personalities looked like back then. In order to make prominent kings, queens and other famous persons from the past a little closer to us, Nathan Shipley, an artist from San Francisco, has decided to turn them into lifelike people. He used the help of artificial intelligence – here are the results of work by a duet of an artist and a neural network.

1. William Shakespeare, English poet and playwright

John Taylor / nathan_shipley_vfx

2. Henry VIII, King of England

Hans Holbein the Younger / nathan_shipley_vfx

3. Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII


4. Princess Elizabeth I

William Scrots / nathan_shipley_vfx

This image of Elizabeth is from when she was about 13 years old.

Here Elizabeth I is about 40.

Marcus Gheeraerts / nathan_shipley_vfx

Here Elizabeth I is approximately 62 years old.

5. George Washington, first president of the United States

Gilbert Stuart Williamstown / nathan_shipley_vfx

6. Mary Tudor, Queen of England

Antonis Mor / nathan_shipley_vfx

7. Edward VI, King of England

William Scrots / nathan_shipley_vfx

8. Henry VII, King of England


These and other works by Nathan can be found on his Instagram page.