Russian artist helen_morgun has an Instagram page where she shares her creative projects with her subscribers. You have probably seen her pictures of magazine covers with Game of Thrones characters on it, and also an interesting series of works with actresses portrayed as Disney characters. Now, it’s not just actresses, but actors as well. And today we made another compilation of her works just for you.

1. Elizabeth Olsen As Jane

2. Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil

3. Queen of Hearts played by Melissa McCarthy

4. Lili Reinhart as Alice

5. Lady Gaga as Ursula

6. Alyssa Milano as Ariel

7. Eva Green as Maleficent

8. Salma Hayek as Mother Gothel

9. Lena Headey as Evil Queen

10. Tom Hiddleston as Hades

11. Lucy Hale as Mavis Dracula

12. Holly Bailey as another Ariel. This one is not just the artist’s imagination