For thousands of years, humankind faced a significant question: are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes? Recently, a foal has been found on a Kenyan reservation whose color is unquestionable! On Sunday, September 15, on the Maasai Mara reservation, an unusual zebra foal was found – instead of the usual stripes, he was black with white spots. The witnesses couldn’t take their cameras off it.

A peculiar zebra foal was found in the Maasai Mara Reservation

A photographer, Rahul Sadchev, and a guide, Anthony Tiera, spotted this baby on Sunday

The discovery was named after the guide’s surname – Tiera

This foal has everything a common zebra has

It’s just his hide that is a bit unusual

It is dark with white spots – and the legs are red!

The foal looks alien among his kind

And he’s far from happy with paparazzi keeping a close watch on him

It’s safe to say this kid is the most stylish zebra in the herd!