When Jack Jokinen from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the U.S., woke up one morning, he was faced with a perplexing puzzle — that is, how on Earth did a stray dog get into his house when all the windows and doors were locked? He found the answer after checking security footage: the front door had not latched completely, the wind opened the door, and the stray dog found her way in.

Jack told that he discovered an unknown dog in the morning

What seemed like the magic of teleportation was explained with the help of the security camera installed right at Jack’s main entrance. In the evening, after walking his dog, he hadn’t locked the door completely, and the wind pushed it open. The security cameras showed that the stray dog simply entered the door since it was wide open.

The security cameras showed that the stray dog simply entered the door since it was wide open

After the animal got into the house, a passer-by closed the opened door.

Jack took his new pet to a vet

She wasn’t in the best shape

It turned out that the dog was nine years old and didn’t have an identification chip, so it was almost impossible to know who her previous owners were. She had healthy vital organs but damaged teeth and no vaccinations. She had fleas and was missing a pad on her paw.

Jack and his wife named the dog Suzy and decided to adopt her

She received all the necessary medicine, and a vet helped get rid of the fleas.

The couple had had one dog already, but there was enough space for two in their home

Her owners are now raising money for her medical bills

Jack said that the excess money will be donated to charity. But he said that the family would take care of everything for their new dog, even if there wouldn’t be any donations.

Because of her wonderful story, Suzy is now a local celebrity!

Jack said that he and his wife were going to give Suzy some happy golden years

She could not have strayed into a better home!