Do you think that classic art is complicated and boring? Well, have a look at this compilation to discover that art galleries can be interesting and fun. The people in these pictures found their art history twins hanging on the wall of a museum. It looks like these people have some secrets… Who knows, maybe they are time travelers or immortal. So, the next time you go to a museum, look around carefully, and maybe you too will find your doppelgänger.

1. Face to face with yourself

Лицом к лицу с самим собой в музее

2. So he goes to the art museum and this happened

Итак, он идет в художественный музей, и это произошло

3. Made an interesting discovery at the art museum today…

Сделано интересное открытие в Художественном музее сегодня

4. So I found a picture of myself dressed as a Samurai 111 years ago at The MET

Таким образом, я нашел картину себя одетым как самурай 111 лет назад в Met. По-видимому, я был сборщиком самурайских доспехов, с тех пор я пьян, поэтому я действительно не вспоминаю, но это абсолютно правдоподобно. Это я.

Apparently I was a collector of Samurai armor, I’ve drunk a lot since then so I don’t really recall but it’s totally plausible that’s it’s me.

5. Forgot my helmet!

Опыт Doppelgänger
Ross W. Duffin

6. We lost our 10-inch voices

Мой друг на самом деле путешественник во времени

7. When I found my great-great-grandmother at louver

Найдена Моя Великая Великая Бабушка В Лувре


8. Found my doppelgänger at the Louvre. Íñigo Melchor de Velasco

Нашел Мой Доппельгангер в Лувре. Íñigo Melchor De Velasco

9. I’m The Head

Я голова

10. Found my dopplegänger from half a century ago in an art museum in Zurich

Нашел Мой Допплегангер с полувека в художественном музее в Цюрихе

11. See Double

Twin From The Past

12. My best mate went to the Louvre and discovered a painting of him done many years before

My Best Mate Went To The Louvre And Discovered A Painting Of Him Done Many Years Before

13. My friend spotted this painting of himself while walking through the met

My Friend Spotted This Painting Of Himself While Walking Through The Met

14. Found Drew’s doppelgänger in Trento, Italy science museum

Found His Doppelgänger In Trento, Italy Science Museum
Todd Mansfield

15. I Found My Pre-Pre-Pre-Existence

I Found My Pre-Pre-Pre-Existence

16. Face to face with yourself in a museum

Gallery Lookalike

17. Historic Doppelganger Time

Historic Doppelganger Time

18. Weird Al proves he is immortal at The Louvre

Weird Al Proves He Is Immortal At The Louvre

19. I’m Henry the 8th I am


20. Visited Paris this weekend. Just when I was about to take a picture of the Mona Lisa something better caught my eye

Visited Paris This Weekend. Just When I Was About To Take A Picture Of The Mona Lisa Something Better Caught My Eye

21. We found our baby’s doppelgänger at the gallery

Мы нашли Доппельгангера нашего ребенка в галерее

22. Matching the painting

Живопись и я соответствовали

23. The doppelganger from the Louvre made me remember a pic that I took

Doppelganger из Лувра сделал мне помню, что я взял

24. I Think It Captures Him

Я думаю, что он захватывает его

25. Well now, that’s quite a resemblance!

Ну, теперь это очень похоже!