Every kid wants to bring cats and dogs into their home. Not just kids! Some adults would just happily turn their house into a zoo if they were given the chance. That partly explains why dads have a special function to constantly say “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” to any animal that his wife or kid has brought home. But guess who will be the one cuddling and spending all his free time with the animal? Of course, dads! We present a compilation of pictures of dads who used to say they didn’t want a dog, but now they can’t get enough.

1. The cat my dad didn’t want… Now he takes her on walks like this


2. Nah I don’t want him he’s gonna shed his fur too much


3. My dad: I don’t want dogs. Also my dad taking selfies:


4. “We don’t need a cat” – > “We can’t afford a cat” – > This


5. “Absolutely no pets” he said… 1 year later and they are inseparable


6. My dad still claims he hates this cat


7. Dad: I don’t want a pet, so stop pestering me about it. Also dad: Please go on vacation so I can hang out with my grandson again


8. I’m just not a dog person


9. He’s never been a dog person. Ever. And now my dad takes Yuki sailing and talks to her wherever they go


10. A love story for the ages


11. My Dad was very against getting a dog, saying a dog would hinder his freedom. I guess he was right in that aspect


12. What do you need a dog for?!


13. “I don’t understand why your mom wants to go adopt rescue cats.” Nowadays he brings the cat outside to greet my mom when she returns from work


14. From “I don’t know if it would be a good idea to rescue him” to “Look! He loves being held like a baby!”


15. Over a year after Dad finally said ok to our (his) cat, here is big mechanic dad enjoying the fall fire with his little boy


16. My dad: I’m a mailman, I hate dogs, I never want a dog…also my dad: wow Charlie is so cute can I carry him in this box


17. My Mexican dad said she could stay for one week. It’s been ten years now


18. We can get a dog, I guess, but it cannot get on our furniture


19. My dad, who was adamant about not getting an “ankle biter”, literally 2 DAYS after getting our chihuahua Hercules


20. Dad: *doesn’t want dogs* Family: *gets dogs anyway* Dad:


21. He never wanted a dog. Four days after they met, she helped him to recover from a stroke


22. Went from being completely against the idea of getting a dog to sending me selfies of them weekly


23. Guess who didn’t get to take her cat with her when she moved out of her parent’s house…


24. I just went through four years of my father’s facebook photos to find this picture of him totally not wanting my first chinchilla Lucy


25. Why do we need two dogs? One is enough