Some people dream of looking like a celebrity. They will copy outfits, hairstyles, and even have plastic surgery to look like famous people. Some individuals don’t even have to try! They already look like celebrities. There is an Instagram account called ‘Same de la Same’ where people post pictures of celebrity doppelgängers. Here, we collected 25 photo collages. Believe it or not, they are not the same people shot from different angles! It’s hard to believe, but the person on the left is an average person, while the picture on the right is a celebrity.

1. The carbon copy of Johnny Depp

2. The girl who looks like Emma Stone

3. Angelina Jolie’s secret twin

4. Brad Pitt’s look-alike

5. The girl who looks like Britney Spears

6. The exact copy of Bryan Cranston playing Walter White

7. The carbon copy of Rihanna

8. Which one of them is Selena Gomez?

9. Shakira’s look-alike

10. Tom Cruise’s twin

11. Justin Timberlake’s doppelgänger

12. The girl who looks like Katy Perry

13. He looks just like Lionel Messi

14. John Lennon’s twin

15. The guy who looks like Adam Sandler

16. Meghan Markle’s copy

17. She looks exactly like Madonna

18. Benedict Cumberbatch’s doppelgänger

19. The guy who looks like Prince Harry

20. Psy’s lost twin

21. What do you think about this Sansa Stark?

22. Richard Gere’s doppelgänger

23. Elton John’s carbon copy

24. Daniel Craig’s look-alike

25. The girl who looks like Mila Kunis