Cats Everywhere! No, this is not a description of a paradise for feline addicts. Cats Everywhere is a creative project where images of whiskered kitty faces are superimposed on literally everything. Cats Everywhere is the brainchild of a Russian artist called Kovarnoe Zombachko (meaning ‘Insidious Zombie’). She’s got some mad Photoshop skillz!

Palms sweaty, eyes steady, bid farewell to your sanity because you are going to see something incredible. Be warned! These photos of cats mixed with other animals will make you reach for a pokeball or maybe even for anti-hallucination pills.

1. Bear

2. Hare

3. Lemur

4. Hedgehog

5. Tortoise

6. Chinchilla

7. Wolf

8. Fox

9. Owl

10. Shar Pei

11. Capybara

12. Leopard seals

13. Polar bear

14. Raccoon

15. Baby elephant

16. Koala

17. Snail

18. Panda

19. Sloth

20. Seal

21. Pug

22. Weasel