We have already shown you some examples of shenanigans that dads are capable of, but the fun doesn’t just end there. We found an Instagram page with tons of pictures of dads showing off their wild outfits. They are not even a bit ashamed to wear bright prints and weird sweaters. Every look is unique and charming, so we made a compilation with the most extraordinary looks, which received thousands of likes and gathered everyone’s attention.

1. Vacation outfit with tropical print

2. This dad knows how to make everyone in the family laugh

3. Christmas preparation in full swing

4. Proud patriot

5. This dad is going on a vacation

6. Cowboy vibes

7. This dad loves to mix prints

8. His favorite Christmas outfit

9. Slayed everyone on a golf field with his outfit

10. Funky shorts to hang out with his granddaughter in

11. Small town party outfit

12. PJ’s match the bed linen

13. Mink vest for any occasion

14. He put on sombrero to make some chicken tacos

15. Quirky Halloween outfit

16. When you discover your inner Grinch

17. Trendy jumpsuit

18. Neon colors fan

19. Dad loves his dog very much

20. Brighten up a Monday