If you are an aesthetic person and have a good taste in design and style, looking at these pictures will probably hurt. And, even if you are simply a mortal and have quite a resistance towards freaky stuff, then you may find some of the ideas below rather amusing. Well, it’s always a matter of taste.

But there is one thing we know for sure: in these pictures from the pleasehatethesethings Instagram page, something weird is going on.

1. It is difficult even wash a coffee mug here

2. It’s like being inside of a piece of origami

3. Not Pictured: Skin Suit

4. It looks like a Rubix cube

5. Custom AF

6. No one is winning this The Floor is Lava game

7. Yes, bring the fire! 🔥

8. Sir, please step away from the perler beads set

9. What is this schizophrenic nonsense?

10. You managed to make an awkward corner sink even worse. Who even knew that was possible

11. Who turned my Caboodle into a bathroom

12. When a baby gate just isn’t cutting it

13. Felt like I was gonna sleep way too soundly tonight

14. That open concept livin’

15. This would be an amazing very fancy cat house

16. Carpet + water + baseboard heat. What could go wrong?

17. Takes 1 decorative painting class at Michaels

18. This kitchen appears to be under the attack of some giant AT-AT walkers

19. You can’t just put an apron on a rolling pin and call it a drape

20. Florida gonna Florida