Happiness is an unpredictable thing. To feel happy, at times we need to put a lot of effort, but sometimes it’s enough to eat a delicious ice-cream on a sunny day. And if you know how to enjoy little things, consider yourself a happy person is much easier!

Today we rounded-up 19 photographs for you that prove that at times we need something small for a good mood, and that is the biggest pleasure of life!

My 4 year old nephew drew a very flattering portrait of me


It’s finally the time of year when we see daylight in our post-dinner walks


Every morning these two doves meet in my bonsai and hang out for a while


Somebody decorated a neighborhood hiking trail with these pretty ice hearts


To enjoy little pleasant things, you should notice them. That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to everything that surrounds you.

Seeing my dog playing in the snow with no cares in the world is quite possibly the best thing ever


Had to share, they call me Snow White, makes my heart happy having moments like these


I finally found it!


I made a few snow angels around the neighborhood


I was giggling like a 5 yo. I LOVE SNOW!

It snowed for the first time in a while in the Netherlands, obviously had to make a snowman


My 6 year old cooking his own pancakes for the first time! The look on his face brings me pure joy


This morning there was a swan in my swimming pool


If you look at the world kindly, the world will surely respond in kind!

I know silly, but with work, school, kids, and just life how it is…


I treated myself and got my nails done. They came out so beautifully it just made me so happy since I’ve let a lot go and been so busy.

I woke up and went outside and the cherry blossoms from our tree all blew into a puddle to form a pink heart


I actually went out to a cafe today. I’m so happy to be out of my house!


Cutting some bell peppers and found this fella


These snow beauties fell on my hand, so I couldn’t help taking the photo of them


This bubble wrap with love heart shaped bubbles


No fancy views, but I am just so happy to have a second floor window to gaze out of


Just a friendly reminder to find your HAPPINESS in simple things


We hope this compilation has recalled you that our world hides lots of reasons to joy!